Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Cookies! :)

The other day i got the urge to bake/make some cookie with the kids. It's super fun, and easy.
We pulled out all the cutter's for all the holidays, and the kids picked out the Fall Themed cutters. This is my favorite part of the holidays, mostly because the cookie cutter's are from my Mom/Meemaw and i cherish them.
As I child i used to use some of these cutters. :*-).
While the kids cut/bake/decorated the cookies, I decorated 3 dozen cupcakes for Evan's School Fall Festival. We had a good time, and I enjoyed 'getting into the holidays' a whole lot. :)

Evan cut/decorated a 'Candy Corn'.

Olivia chose a Turkey, but she just wanted the icing i think. haha

I love the Fall Leaf Cutters, :).

Here is some of the cupcakes we made for Evan's School.

:-) Enjoy!