Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving... um late!

Better late than never, right?
So, our thanksgiving this year was a success! The kids had a blast helping me cook and Daddy was home the entire weekend, which made the whole thing just wonderful.

We made the Traditional feast... no Japanese Food on this day. :)
Olivia and Evan both helped with Everything from Pies the day before to Set up/Clean up and Chopping up stuff. ;)
The food was delish, the kids were Amazing ... the only thing missing was our Stateside Family.
We missed "family" so much this year.
We stayed positive and made our own little holiday memories, and that's the best part. :)

One thing I will do next year? Make Meemaws Stuffing!!!!
There is nothing like it, and Thanksgiving is NOT the same without it... 10000%
We miss you Meemaw!!!!

Below is a photo of Olivia helping me chop up the veggies for the stuffing.

Here is a snap shot of Evan, having fun with the Holiday glasses.
We had some Sparkling Cider in special glasses this year, the kids really enjoyed that. :)

Clean up! Olivia was just 2 funny 'getting down' to some holiday tunes. :) :-P!!! She is s a silly gal.