Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yokota Trip for Veteran's Day

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We went to Yokota for a one day trip. :)
It was Ethan's day off & his choice. We had a Great time getting out as a family. The only yucky part was the horrible rain all day long. We did make the best of it though.
The drive was 3 hours on the way there, and 2.5 on the way back. The rain and traffic did not help the time, for sure :( I wish we could have made it in 1 hour 30 minutes, like we did in the past, but we were not so lucky.

We just went for look/shopping/browsing. Nothing big. Olivia got her Winter coat and Ethan a Tent for his Camping w/ the Scouts. We picked up a few toys and Christmas decorations.
It's hit and miss really, the shopping.
Yokosuka has a lot... and Yokota has a lot. So, it's nice to hit up Yokota's BX when we're tired of the Same stuff here @ Yokosuka.
I did not get many pictures, but what i did get, is in the Slide show.
We Of Course had to have lunch @ BK, as we don't have one on base here. (We do have a BK off base, but it's SOOOOooo pricey!)
Then, we went to CoCo's (not Coco's Curry) for dinner, although i did choose curry, haha.
It was nice to get out of town for one day, and just enjoy hanging out as a family.