Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yakitori Chicken Factory

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Last night we took the kids the Chicken Yakitori 'shack'. :) We took the Train too!
This place is one of our Favorite places to go, but we have never taken both kids.
We went Early, and sat upstairs. :) It was nice and relaxing.
At this place 80% of the items are served on a stick, but they do have some other Really good non-stick dishes.
We frequent this place and so we have a 'card' to accumulate 'points' for rewards. Last night we filled a card and got TWO 1,000Y Coupons for the next visit.
Last night MY Favorite was Asparagus wrapped in Bacon, mmmm! The kids ate their weight in Chicken. Oh and they make an awesome Mexican Salad, Weird, i know... for a Japanese place, but it's so good!
Some of the photos are Blurry... :( but i bad to include them anyways.
After we ate, we walked down the "shopping street" and then walked Under the Train station and came out of "Mr Donut" side of the station. Ej and I got a coffee and the kids got a donut.
Then, we walked back to the train, and ... went home. It was an enjoyable night.
Check out the Short Slide Show for pic's of the night. :)