Thursday, June 4, 2009

Improvise & Replan...

So, I spoke with Ethan.
Our decision is for the kids & I to take the Bus Saturday Morning. :)
I was worried about 'Train`ing it' with the kids.
Well, then we thought "what about the weather"???
So, i checked it out @ .
Well, Friday is 90% & Sat. is 50% Rain!
Then.... We thought, Why Hurry up and get there tomorrow... when it's Raining all day.
So, the kids & I will be leaving Yokosuka on Saturday EARLY. (&&fingers crossed&&)

So, because it's Raining all day we cant go to Showa Park Saturday.
So, we have rescheduled the Park visit for Sunday, when the Rain Chance is only 20%.
We will just shop and eat something *NEW* on Saturday.
AND... We are very Excited about our Monday Field Trip to SummerLand Water Adventure Park , THANK YOU TIFFANY for having the kids & I along. :)

I will keep you all posted, and thank all of you who have e-mailed me with your prayers... :)


Tiffany said...

BTW.. it's Yokota... just like Yokosuka and Yokohama.
Yoko means near and Yokota means near the rice field.
Didn't want you to get lost saying "Ya- Kota" Like I did when I first got here. =)

Alisa said...

Thanks Tiffany! :)
I did some Spelling changes.
And, i am very Excited to visit Yokota tomorrow! :)