Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update :)

The kids and I are getting ready to make our 1st trip to another base, since living here in Yokosuka. We're headed to Yokota Air Base where my friend Tiffany lives.
It's only 2 hours or so away... but Everything is longer/harder and more traffic, (when you have to travel in Japan).
We are meeting Ethan, who is already there (for work).
We're staying a few days/nights... and i am HOPING/Praying that is be VERY relaxing and enjoyable for us... and seam like a Mini Vacation of sorts.
(As we are Really missing the USA and cant wait for a trip stateside.)

So, ... look for long (picture-heavy) e-mails (posts) from Yokota. :)
Please say a prayer for us. :) (if you do...)


Where's the Fork said...

Have fun, take notes and share with me when you get back. Bounce, bounce, bounce away at Showa ;-).

Alisa said...

I will!! :):)
And, you are always welcome to Join us on Saturday. :)
Call me tomorrow... or e-mail me, we could make a plan.
Ethan said Training it to Yakota was not very hard at all. :)
Of course, Driving is easy too.

We will be going Saturday all day, but if it rains, Sunday. :)

Lets get together soon. :)

Navy Chief Family said...

Sorry we didn't get to meet. i only saw sabrina once. Oh well!
i am missing home very much. Been 2 1/2 yrs since i left the US.
Grandma is very sick and I feel the need to return early.
Enjoy your time in Yakota.