Monday, June 8, 2009


So............. we're here in Yokota!!!
We have been, for a few days.
Internet is hard to come by, but i wanted to say Helloooooo!
We caught the 430 am bus from Yokosuka on Saturday morning, made it here by 730 am.
Took a Taxi to the Kanto Lodge, and ... here we are!
We took some time toEat Burger King!!! AND Shop @ the AMAZING BX & Commissary AND Eat Pizza Hut (for dinner) the 1st night (Sat.).
Sunday we spent the WHOLE day @ Showa Kinan Park & had Pizza hut again(at night), Deep dish this time! mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
Today, Monday, Ethan had to work, and the kids and i were treated so WONDERFUL by Tiffany & her family and we went to to Summerland Water park! :)
It was an Amazing day... ended with Mongolian BBQ @ the E-club, and it was WAY better than Yokosuka's M-BBQ !!!!

Tomorrow will be a VEG day! We need it~!
We will meet Ej @ lunch, and maybe do some parks ... if it's not raining (its raining now!)
Wednesday is our planned day to go home, but... we might leave Thursday... it depends.
Anyways, please keep us in your prayers for a continuing easy/enjoyable trip! :)