Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zushi Horumon, Tamaya & Brown Suger Latte!

So, tonight after Ethan came home from work, I snuck out to Zushi for a little shopping/hanging out with Kath.
We have not just hung out for 'no reason' in a while.
So, we did some looking around in Zushi Ginza and decided to eat a lite Dinner @ Zushi Horumon. This little restaurant has Yakitori & Hibachi Grill's @ the table.
They also serve a Delish Dicon Salad (one of my Favorite dishes, here in Japan).
We enjoyed a Salad, some tea & a good chat. Thanks for the Company Kath!!!!!
This Restaurant is located in the Zushi Ginza, on the Right side, if walking from Ikego. :)

The Menu was 99% in Japanese.
We just said Key, easy words, and made it through a small/simple meal.

We did not have a Hibachi Dinner, but... The table was ready... with the Big Overhead. ;) haha

A little appetizer....

The main dish, Dicon Salad! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
So Refreshing.
This amount is a normal American Salad bowl... but for the Japanese, they would share (as indicated by the tongs provided hahaa) and also have meat along side.

When we were done and payed, they gave us a bag of Gum, haha!!!

Ok, so after dinner we stopped at Tamaya, a VERY famous Coffee/Treat shop in Zushi.
I wanted to pick up a small gift for Olivia's Teacher.
(It's a workday tomorrow... so we will drop by with the goodies.)
This Place is also located in the Ginza, and has a place for dessert & coffee or a small meal.
Very nice. :)

So Cute!!!
A box full of Non Perishable Goodies. :)

Kath & I also shared a small Melon Cake (With REAL melon inside!)
We took it to Doutor, our Favorite Coffee Shop.............

And, enjoyed the cake with a Matcha (Kath) and Brown Sugar (mine) Latte'!

What a wonderful Evening!
I love Living in Zushi!!!!
(And cant wait to share this with Family and Friends who Visit!!!!!)


Slime said...

What a great night out! Kudos to E for stepping up and giving you some "me" time! That brown sugar latte looks so yummy!!!!