Thursday, May 29, 2008


The 'Caption' is below each picture... Enjoy!

Evan, riding his bike. Man, he caught onto "bike riding" Quicker than Olivia ever did!
Do ya like his Boxers? Yup! He stripped after the playing the the hose and decided he had to ride his bike in his undies! haha! We went Directly to the bathtub after these pictures.

Evan giving me a Goof-Ball Look. Seriously, He is a Character!!!
(See the "jug" drink next to him? Gosh... That's what Dad's are for... to buy the Fun, unhealthy stuff...He brought a whole case home for the weekend BBQ's... Sigh! There 'gone now'... haha)

All Smiles! Lov'n control of the hose!

Side yard fun...
In the Above Picture Evan was having a Super Fun time w/ the GIJoes Ethan saved for him... from his own childhood! 20+ yrs old! I was so happy to see them playing Together... I had to snap a picture. Evan and Olivia both enjoy these toys...
Evan playing at a park a few weeks back, we took a picnic lunch. ;)