Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lets see, Not much to chat about this week.

The past week has been busy, but nothing exciting to chat about.

Yesterday i had a Veg-Out Day with my Friend Kitty. Her and I spent ALL day (9:30 am~2:30 pm) playing Wii... haha... and running up to a Wii Game Store... to get a few more Wii games. haha! I am Loving the Wii, and so is the family.

Today is Recovery Day. Laundry, Dishes... picking up.

The past 3 weeks another Friend of mine encouraged me to Join her in a 12 week Challenge @ our local YMCA. The 1st week was Mellow, the 2nd... a bit more, and now... we are just killing ourselves! haha!
Last night we did a Cardio-Kick-Boxing Class... It was BRUTAL! So, today we are taking the day off. What a Nice Break!
We will be back in the saddle tomorrow, Her? in the PM and I will go in the AM. (We have Dance Thursday nights.)

Thats about it from here... Oh did you notice the School Ticker? 29 days to go!!! Awesome!