Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Enrichment ...

Olivia was sent home with a packet about a Summer Enrichment Program. It is for children who work above their grade level. It's with the Public School system. She was recommended to attend! :) We are very happy of course. The only draw back is the $$ and the fact that i am counting down the days until Summer Vacation, and now... We will get about 2 weeks of summer and then back to a schedule! This summer program runs 4 weeks, and is only 1/2 day. These are the good things. The bad things are she will have to ride a bus (not something i am fond of) or be driven. Also, it starts about an hour earlier than 'reg school'.
So... School is out the 2nd week in June, Dance Recital 3rd week of June and Summer Enrichment is 4th week of June.
June is going to be busy! :(

Did i mention that Olivia grew out of her Dance (tap) shoes? Yup... last week she could barely Squeeze into them for class. MAN! This is like growing out of your backpack the last month of school... SUX!
The worst part is i don't even know if she will do dance next year, because were moving! Sigh!!!
So, she is a size 1 shoe!