Saturday, May 17, 2008

Part 2... Date Night

I just HAD to add a comment about "Teppanyaki Grills" for all you who has Never lived in Japan.
In America... when you think of a Japanese Restaurant you think of the Guy cooking for you, and "Fire" and just the whole 'show' of dinner.
Well, in Japan... at least in the 2 places we have lived, It's hard to find that style of dinning.
We did go to a dinner, in Sasebo Japan about 6 years ago, just Ej and I for a Anniversary Date. It was at a Nice Restaurant. They had a Small Room w/ just a few chairs off the the side of the Regular dinning room. We went in, it was Just us, and a chef. He cooked JUST the meat on the grill. It was Kobe' Beef. It was VERY $$ and VERY GOOD... the best ever actually. Melted in your mouth...
Anyways, the point to this is that the American Version of Japanese Dinning is Very Far Off what Actual Japanese dinning really is. (if i am making sense!)

In Japan You have a Few Common Options. A Sushi Bar or "go round". (where the Value Priced Sushi is on a convey-er belt, and moves by you, and you select the 'plate you want' and play per color of plate.) Second Choice... is a Cook it yourself type. IMO, those are the best. I love to cook my own beef/chicken... (all kinds of 'parts'... haha)... Also you can cook it yourself in a boiling soup bowl... there are Many Options of Cook it yourself restaurants in Japan... my fav!
Also there are regular types of eatery's... The one main difference is WOW... the best customer service ever, and wow... nothing compares, Esp in America. And , You don't Tip... that's a Plus.
There are tons of eating options in Japan... from Fast food to Street food... to Vending Machine Food. Yup... the Japanese Sell Everything in a Vending machine. Personally i have bought Hot & Cold Coffee and Tea in Can's... in Vending machines. Also i have bought Beer...(they shut off after a certain time at night)... You can also buy Chicken, Rice and Fries... in a HOT Cook Vending machine. Ice Cream in a Vending machine, and.... Oh, the "Catch your own Lobster Claw Vending machine"... um, No Joke! (You can also buy Non Food items in a Vending machine.....)

Ok, enough about this...

The point is, i cant wait to head back to Japan... to get my Food Fix..... because there is Nothing like it in America!


Gina said...

Awesome, awesome post!!! : )

I love to cook my own beef and chicken too, ha ha ha! : )

And you are right yet again, we do got some pretty cool vending machines in Japan huh? : ) I love the ice cream vending machine in summer time. The hot coffee/hot tea vending machine in winter. And the french fry vending machine when we drive along the highways. Ha ha ha.

You got such an excellent sense of humor and the way you see things makes me smile. Have a good weekend over there, Alisa and family! : )