Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Medial Screening Update

So, While we have been busy, we all (the 3 of us) had Medical appointments.
Evan is Healthy, I am Healthy... Olivia... she had to be referred to the Naval Hospital. They were listening to her heart, and heard a Murmur. So, a few days later we took her to the Naval Hossy and yup... she does. But, the good news is ... it's perfectly ok :) and nothing to worry about. (The doc's also heard 'something else'..... but that's A-ok too!)
Ethan is last... then we are OK. :) We are just waiting on some paperwork. He was told it would be here this month.

Evan on a side note needs his immunizations up to date, but i have a Waiver... so No Rush!