Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Not Dreaming...

It's Doubly Official!!
Yup, you heard me!!
Ethan called this afternoon while I was in the YMCA working out.
I returned his call about an hour later... and we played Phone Tag till about an hour ago.
He had Our Order's in his Hands! OMG!
Yup, they came today.... Were Moving to Japan!!!!!!
I just somehow can not get my mind around it.
So this means we have 4 months until we load up on the airplane to Japan!
The details are not worked out yet.
One thing we do know is we can't Fly before October 1st, and that Ej will need to be checked out of his command as soon after Sept 15th as possible (He wont have a "Job" after Sept 15th.) So, this might mean we will have 2 weeks of Packing out with Ethan home and Helpful and not on the ship going "in and out". I hope thats the case, and it works out nicely!
I am Glad to hear this news... Olivia will have more than a single week @ here school... and we wont be moving during the Middle of Summer (Heat Central here in VA.)
We left Sasebo Japan on November 29th (i think) 2003 and we will be arriving October 2008... 4 years and 11 months... and One Evan later... haha... Time moves so slow... and yet FLY's! Weird! I feel like we "just moved"... yet it was so long ago! :(
~SIGH... and the "stuff" begins!~