Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busch Gardens [family photos]

Here are some pictures i took of our 'Family Trip'... (you know Kitty,... your Family is part of our Family!... ;) )
I did *not* get any pictures of the Big coasters we rode... or any of the *cool* rides Olivia got to ride. This is because we had to leave all Camera's behind. So, i only got pictures when i sat behind w/ Evan, and found a good photo spot :(.
A lot of these pictures are of Evan and the Girls having fun on the Children (toddler) sized rides. They did enjoy those type too... mostly because there was No Wait... and they just could ride and ride... ;)

~Jeffery & Evan~

~Olivia & Evan~

~Ethan, Amelia 5, Evan 3, Mikaela 7, Olivia 6 & Jeffery 11~

~Evan, having some fun in a arcade, while the big kids rode a 4~D ride~



~The kids standing in front of the Griffin Roller Coaster. The guys rode it 1st,... and then I rode w/ Ethan and Jeff. It's the Worlds Tallest Dive Coaster, (205 feet up... 90 degrees straight down). Amazing! Fun~

You have to watch this Video of The Griffin Coaster, AWESOME Video! Awesome ride!!!


~Olivia & Mak~

~Baby Bumpers~

~All the Kiddos~
~What a cute water ride... especially for Evan. I think Olivia thought it was a little baby, but she had a blast doing it with Evan!!~

~Olivia, after one of the water rides... i think the Rapids~

~The guys & the kids (minus Evan, Kitty & I) were all on this boat! What Fun!~

~Again, everyone but Evan, Kitty & I (Kitty got Sun Sickness, and had to rest for a bit mid-day)... I love that ride!~

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I wish i would have had more pictures... but i was not Camera Happy this year.