Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busch Gardens Photos [website photos]

Here are a few of the rides we did. Olivia and her 2 friends had a TOTAL Blast. :)
The 1st pic is of "The Big Bad Wolf" ... Olivia's 1st Roller Coaster Ever! She rode is 2 years ago... she had Just hit the 42~43 inch mark then. She is now 50 inches... and was WAY tall enough. Rider has to be 42 inches, for sure!
It is a Wild Ride! Olivia's (me too) Favorite ride in the park.

The next one is "Escape from Pompeii". This is MY Personal 2nd Favorite... I missed it this year, because I had to stay back with Evan. So, The "guys" and the 3 little girls went... They had a blast. :) Must be 42 inches to ride.

This is "Roman Rapids", again must be 42 inches to ride. This is the W-E-T ride! You will get TOTALLY Wet if you ride. Of course, i stayed behind w/ Evan. We had ice cream... and waited. Again, the Guys and the kids went together. The wait was Extra Long for this one... because it was 90+ degrees that day!

This pic is of "The Lock Nest Monster". This ride you had to be 48 inches to ride. Mak and Olivia were both well above that, and so they got Blue Bands. The sad thing is Mak did not want to ride... and Olivia DID (she is a DARE DEVIL!)... We just never got around to it. :(:( I was a LITTLE worried about Olivia riding... but... she was game!
Anyways, Next time she will ... and is looking forward to it. :)

This was a Crazy Ride! Kitty, Jeff and Myself rode at the end of the night. Eric, Ethan and Jeff rode about 30 minutes before us... For me? It was a bit Jerky, and i felt sick for about an hour afterwards. :( After this we did the Log Flume, and i was about to puke! haha!
But, Evan had his 1st "real ride" all day, so i was happy...