Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's been a While!

It has been a Long 10 days (or so). I have a ton of things to share, I will just be adding Slowly!
During the 10 days... I had Meemaw come and Visit (My Grandmother) & Grandma-ma (My Mother). We also had a 2 day Dance Rehearsal & Recital. On top of that, We had a Little Mini-Vacation (with the Family... dinners/going new places).
Also Olivia Started Summer Enrichment! So, it's been busy!
Olivia did Tap this year (last year was Gymnastics's and the year before... Ballet). She was in a production called "Dancer's R Us" and she was in Animal Alley. (Like the Stuffed Animal Toy isle) She was a Chicken... and was Adorable! (I personally loved GI Joe's... Pirates... and Star Wars!! How Creative!)
So....... ! I will be back later to add more! Enjoy!