Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Dancer's R Us"

I did not get any pictures of the Inside or Outside of Chrysler Hall. This is where she performed her End of Year Recital. It was a Very Beautiful place to Dance, IMO. :) Enjoy!
2nd Floor Inside Lobby...

FYI: The camera got left at the house by accident. :(:(:( I was sooooo bummed, you have NO IDEA. :(:(:(.... So i bought a Instant Camera. I have to be glad i got a Few pic's. It could have been worst, and had No Pic's... Enjoy the pictures!

Olivia, before the show.

Olivia with one of her friends.
Getting ready to Dance... how exciting! All the chickens. 10 in all... :) Most of the girls are 7... some are 8. Olivia is the only 6 yr old. She did so wonderful... especially if you think she was the youngest in the group. Not a Step missed! :)
Olivia & Evan after the show. She wanted to go to Cold Stone for Ice cream. She is so proud of her trophy. :) Grandma-ma got her a beautiful crown for her "princess". :)

I don't have pictures of the Actual Dance, as we are not allowed to photograph the performance. But, here are a few pictures back stage, before they went on.