Tuesday, July 1, 2008

~End of June~

Well, it's the end of another month~!
Time is just flying by! Before we know it it will be October! Actually, here is what we have planned for the summer...

*Summer Enrichment days until 17th of July. During this time... getting ready for our (what seams to be an 'annual') Kentucky Trip.

* Kentucky/ Florida Trip: We leave around the 16th of July and Return before the 30th of July. We will be Driving of course. Florida 1st, then Kentucky.
It's one Long Ass Trip, (that this year, Unlike most others...) we are going to drive NON- STOP(Except for the South Florida stretch to Northern Kentucky... we will hotel one night).
When we get to KY we will be ...................
Camping!! Yup! Were bringing the Big Ole' "house" Tent... and pitching it somewhere on Mom & Dad's Property. With last years 1 am camp fires @ the farm, we are opting to Camp! It should be fun... and are looking forward to it. (Rusty... Felicia... Kelley ... Roy??? If your Reading this, come on over, and bring a tent!!! Oh,... Brenda???Carol?? Dwight??? Being your Families too... and tent, and we can make it a fun few days!!)

* Lets see, after KY/OH Trip Ethan will be Working A LOT and getting ready for some 'REAL WORK' at Work.

*School Starts again!!! Sept 2nd. During the last 2 weeks in August we will have time to go 'school shopping' and get things together for our 1st 'Pack-Out'.

*Pack-Out #1. (unofficially, as in... we have not confirmed the date, but 100% we Want the Date.) September 8th. This will be our "express air shipment". This shipment will be of the 'cant live with out' items. It will be waiting for us in Japan.

*Pack-Out #2. (same as above.) September 22nd. This will be our "storage" shipment. Basically all the crap that we Cant (like washer, dryer & deep freezer) Take with us. Also, some Holiday items and stuff from our "Shed". There is not much Outside Storage Space in Japan. We had only a Small gardening shed at our 1st cho ... we are going prepared this time!

*Pack-Out #3 (same as above, & last pack-out.) This will be our Main Household Goods Shipment. We are allowed something like 9,500 pounds (13,000 pounds if we were traveling With-in the USA, but Japan we can only bring 75% of our Allowance.) So, this should take place on September 29,30 & October 1. (2 days for pack up and 1 day for Load the Crates.)
After that??

*Clean and Check out of our House and also Ethan gets to do a Final Check off the ship! Whoooo Hooo 3 yrs of Shore Duty here we come!!! (Sea Duty? SUCKS @ss!!!!)

*Sometime in the 1st 2 weeks in October... we will be in Yokosuka starting our Next Adventure!!
(Hoping for the 1st week in October... you know, Olivia's in School now... we need to get settled! Evan will start 'School' this April. In Japan they call it Yochien, and that's what Evan will be doing till he starts Kindergarten. He will be 4 in January.)

We are looking forward to the Next Year of Good fun, and Few New Adventures!
Evan, he is especially looking forward to... drum roll... Fuji-Q High Land's 'Thomas Land'. This is where Thomas Lives... and Evan Can not wait to Visit. He talks about it all the time. 'When we get to 'A-Pan' (japan) i am going to see Diesel 10... and go on a Thomas Roller Coaster.' He is just Adorable!!!

Ok, Well... Evan got a Hair Cut today and i Cant wait to post the pictures. He is now a BOY. ;) haha... Or as he would put it, "I look like Daddy now."