Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Day!

Evan, planning the trip, haha! He loves maps, just like his Daddy.
(Lets wonder if he will be a Navy Quartermaster too.... HMmmmm)

Olivia, Just being cute! :)

This week has just gone by so fast!
Tomorrow we leave for our Summer Vacation! :)

The car is already packed with all the camping gear & DVD players/DVD's... Oh, and the "Swimmies". It's hard to pack when your going from South Florida ~ Northern KY (Cincinnati area). The only thing left is to do: Road Trip Food shopping, Pack the clothing and shower stuff!!
So, this is how it will go (again),... Were leaving for Meemaw's House tomorrow after "SE" (summer enrichment), around 2 pm. We will drive for about 4 hours and stay with Meemaw for the night. Then, we get up Early as Hell on Thursday Morning, and head out. It will take 12~15 hours to drive to South Florida (with stops)... We should be there Thursday night.
4 days in Florida, should be a blast :):):)

Oh, and we need to drop off paperwork @ the Personal Property Office for our Move.
On top of that were working on Passports, trying hard to get them in process before we leave. (Although it's not looking promising.)

See ya Soon! :)