Thursday, July 3, 2008


A few Changes have been made to the 'End of June' post; FL/KY trip area ... check it out.

Summer Enrichment
Were ending week #2. (and she is having fun... a blast, dont get me wrong...)
So, 2 more weeks left, not bad. But...
Yesterday Olivia was home sick. Tummy ache all night long :( Super Sad. A Stay home day for sure!
Well, after her long sleep, and a bit of a Recoup... she was feeling better, about noon.
She and Evan started some awesome 'play time' and it was wonderful.
Then I kind of got sad. This is because we have 2 more weeks of Olivia at school, then we leave directly for a 2 week trip across the Eastern USA.
I Really enjoyed Olivia being home, and just relaxing.
I know, I know... we have all of August, with No Plans.