Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As of Yesterday....

We have our Paperwork done and approved for our Passports. We need to go sometime in the next week for pictures. :)
We have also submitted our paperwork for Certain Moving Allowances & this week 'They' will send off our Dependant Entry Approval (for Japan).
After we get that paper back saying that we are Approved... then we can start booking Flights and Confirming our Household Goods Shipments.
So, it's a Hurry up and Wait period in our lives.
I know the next 3 months will fly by, and although i want to be In Japan, and Looking for a Cho and Eating at Noodle Houses... I also want to Cherish the last few months on American Soil, Enjoy my Good Friends & BBq's... and Also not forgetting to wish this time away from the Children. Before we know it Olivia will be celebrating her 7th birthday, and Evan his 4th. How can they be so old already? Time, it's a Mysterious thing!

It's hard to believe it's been 3 months ... 3 whole months ago we got the e-mail that our bid for Yokosuka was Accepted. That time went pretty fast! Well, we only have 3 months left... gosh... ... Hmmmmm