Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1 Week Countdown

Today marks one week until we leave for our Summer Road Trip. I am finding myself getting very excited ... and worried all at the same time. It takes a lot to get ready for a trip like this.

During this past week my Brother came to visit. It was very nice to see him. Boy, he has changed, but only for the better. I was very impressed him & his ways now. He has truly 'gown up'. He just got back from a 16 month tour in Africa. Amazing!

Ethan & his work schedule has been busier than crap... it's been pretty awful. I can not wait for him to be back on the waterfront, and out of the ship yards. Soon enough, soon enough!!

Let's see, what else. Not Much! Summer Enrichment is going good. Olivia is enjoying herself.
Evan is driving me up a wall. He is ready for 'sissy' to be home for play time.

Thats about it from here. No News on Japan Stuff.