Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today is the Day!

Today starts our vacation. :)
This is of course if Ethan can leave work! Ugh!
It's 2:38 pm and his boss needs to have a quick "update" meeting and scheduled him for a 2 pm appointment!!
So... needless to say, were all packed, and NOT on the road.

So, today when getting the house shut down, I checked the Pepper Garden. I had to pick a few peppers. :) Take a look at these... I have to say, Peppers are just the Easiest things to grow,... and very nice to have around the house. :)

Oh, the last picture is of our 'Fence of Morning Glory's'. We just love this plant, and plant them along a fence in the back yard Every Year! Look how big they got!!! :)
They just started to flower.
I cant wait for another month, that will be a Wall of Flowers. :)
OK! See ya when i see ya! :)