Monday, June 9, 2008

~Heat Wave!!~

We spread the pool out & get all the wrinkles out... then start filling. It took the better part of 3+ hours to fill it up. Maybe even 4 hours.

Daddy having fun w/ the kiddo's.
Olivia, being Cute as ever!
Olivia, Again... she is NOT Camera Shy! Evan on the other hand... he could, as always... care less!
I just LOVE this picture! Love it!
This picture was taken in the evening, right before bed. The pool was full... and they wanted to try the new (and fun of course) Ladder.

Olivia, getting her feet wet.
Evan, ...'Its tooooo deep!' He is a sweeeetie pie!
Here in Virginia, we have been dealing with a MAJOR Heat Wave! For at least 3~4 days it's been 95+ degrees, in the shade! (My car-port temp reader... also the weather channel... haha)
It's going to be something like 99 tomorrow... in the shade, sooooooooo we went out today, and got our new Pool. :)
We had a "fast set" pool last year. I think it cost 60$ at the NEX... and it was GREAT!
Except... the pump burnt out, because of Human error... :(... and it cost 60$ to replace the pump haha... so i thought, NOPE.... i will just Donate the pool, and buy another one this year.
So, thats what we did...

Last years pool was 8 feet across by 30 inches deep.
(Great for a 5 yr old and a few friends. Evan had a blast too... although a little big for him with out Mommy.)
This years pool is 12 feet across by 36 inches deep... a Big Momma compared to last years.
Honestly, i did not realize how big until we got it all set up. It was a shocker! haha!
(I should have known... because it did come with a Ladder, LMAO!!!)

Ok,.... here are the pic's!
Olivia, in her *new* GAP Suit w/ optional skirt! Love her suit!!! (I love online shopping)
Evan, as always Thomas the Train... from last year. He also got a *new* suit... but it was washing.
The kids are "All American" this year. Evan is Red, White & Blue w/ Star Prints & Olivia is White & Blue w/ Star Print! ;)


Gina said...

I loved you said this...

"The kids are "All American" this year. Evan is Red, White & Blue w/ Star Prints & Olivia is White & Blue w/ Star Print! ;)"

I liked it because I agree and think, of course, we do always gotta be proud Americans! My morning coffee mug says, "proud to be an American" ha ha ha! : )

Loved Olivia's swim suit! And I was happy to hear Evan likes Thomas! : ) Your new pool is a gorgeous one and the size? A total monster and so cool! Are you going to get in the pool and splash about when no one's looking Alisa? Don't tell, but when no one is around...I too splash around in the kids pool. LOL, I must look like a nerd in there! And ours is just a rinky dinky one. Ha ha ha. : )