Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busch Gardens [Williamsburg, VA]

Every year Busch Gardens has Here's to Hero's. This special program is for Military, it includes Free Admission for the service member and 3 of his family members. You have a choice where you can use your Free Admission. Any Busch Gardens or Sea World. :) What a Great Deal! (Saves us about 200$$)
Now, just because it's Free... does not mean it's Cheep! haha!
No matter the cost, it's a Fun Filled Day for everyone...Mostly! haha!!

On Friday, we were chatting w/ our friends Kitty & Eric. Eric mentioned us going to Busch Gardens on Saturday. We all thought it was a Great Idea... and we went!
Woke up early, Hit up Dunkin Donuts and headed out. The Drive is about 45minutes ~ 1 hour. We got there early, and got a great parking spot.

We spent the entire day (9 am~10 pm) at the park (It does not open until 10 am... but we still were in the park getting things situated.)

We had 4 adults, 1 teen, 2 "blue" bands, 1 "purple" band & 1 "red" band. This made for an interesting day! We had a little bit of everyone! :)
Of course the adults and Jeff wanted to do coasters, the Little kids wanted to ride 'baby rides'... and the Middle Kids (Blue)... wanted Everything (and thought they were so 'big' and kept wandering off ~sigh~).
In retrospect we had a Great Overall Visit, with a Few kinks. ;)
Evan, (Red) could not ride Anything with the rest of us... so one adult had to stand back with him, and take him on little rides. Oh, wait... he could ride one ride... Log Flume. That's it. He did have a blast on it though.
Evan... I wish he was one inch taller!!! He was measured @ the park at 41 inches! If he were 42 inches, he would have been Purple, and could have rode on MANY more Family Style Rides. (We may have to make a Fall '08 trip before he head to Japan.)

Olivia and Mikaela.... they were Blue Bands, and that meant they could ride BIG Rides!!! Unfortunately they only got to ride One Coaster. (Everyone was Pooped by the time we got around the the other big coaster they could ride.) They had to be 48 inches tall to ride "The Big Bad Wolf" and "The Lock Nest Monster". They did get to ride The Big Bad Wolf. :)

What a GREAT fun filled day. We Loved it!