Monday, October 12, 2009

Evan's 1st Birthday-Party-Invite!

This weekend Evan attended his 1st Birthday Party!! His little friend from the Navy Lodge/Neighborhood invited him. BOY was he Excited!!!! This was a biggie for him. He made sure to let me know what gift he wanted for him, how to wrap the gift and so on. He is just getting SO big these days!
He had a blast! Here are a few pictures of Evan... having a blast with out Olivia. :) (This is pretty rare!)

Below: Evan heading to the party. He was so Excited!

A balloon race......

The best idea in the world, a Bounce House... indoors! :)

Balloon fun...

Cake time :p

And best of all. His Mom let him open all the gifts, so all the kids got to play with them. :)
Evan really had fun picking out the gift for him, and... he even got to try it out too. :)
They all had fun!

With 3 'guests' and the birthday boy and his brother... it was a PERFECT size for a 4 yr olds birthday. :)


Anonymous said...

R2D2 cake lady is named Jenn Webber. She lives out here in Mabori, and is AWESOME!!! Here cell is 080 3514 3517 and home is 301-658-7680. The cake was $60, but I also could have chosen a flat cake shaped like R2D2, too. Her 'Twilight' cake was phenomenal!!! She has done so many really cool cakes, and she's here until.... who knows? They could go anytime in the next year (she says). I love to see folks posting! I steal ideas from others, and learn where all the cool places to go are!