Monday, October 12, 2009

I Love Fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year!
If i could just live in a place that was 55~73 all year long, i would be in the best mood all the time. :) This weekend was just beautiful around here, 60's and 70's all day. We had no rain YAY... and clear sky's. So, Ethan and I did some "fall" cleaning. We spent most of everyday outside cleaning-out both sheds and putting up some Fall Decor'.
The only thing i wish we would have done is BBQ, but... no such luck.
We did get a lot of things accomplished, and it feels GREAT!
I love to "clean out".

Oh and the car looks like New!!! Now is the time to take pictures for you all (family& friends).... Maybe i will tomorrow.
We detailed the car and steam cleaned the mats. :) It feels so fresh! :)
All in all a wonderful productive weekend! :)