Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our 1 yr Japan~Annaversary!

So, yesterday was our 1year Anniversary of arriving here in Yokosuka Japan! :)
We decided to take the kids for a fun day. The day was All about the Kids and Fun!
Evan has been asking for almost the entire year to "go to a Geo Tracks store"... (TRU).
So, yesterday was all about Evan and Olivia enjoying themselves Out-in-about in Japan.

So, we drove out of our comfort zone, and found the TRU. :) We also found other fun things to do/places to go on the way. :)
We are excited to get out more this upcoming year. :)

This toy was so cute!
Once you turned it on, it "pooped" and "cooked" the pay food.
I took a video of it, i will try to share!

Olivia and Evan got to pick a toy.
Ethan and I had fun helping them put their toys together. :)

OMG, i helped Olivia, and her toy is so fun!
Look for more pictures of her toy soon.

Oh and we bought the new baby something too!
Her 1st Item!!

After we went to TRU we went to dinner at a new place. It's Called Jonathan's.
It was really good, and we had a relaxing time!

This was my meal, and wow... it was delish for under 10$.

Ethan's Meal

Both kids got the same meal... and i really liked Their meal!
It was called Onigiri Set.
Whats in the wrappers? Rice Logs!
Both kids Ate them Up! Loved Them!!!

The restaurant was on the 2nd floor...
Olivia eating her Onigiri.

Evan, being a Goofball. :)

We had a Really fun/relaxing day with the kids. :)
And.............. that's all that matters........................