Tuesday, October 20, 2009

!~Girl Scouts~!

Yesterday was Olivia's 1st Girl Scout meeting. :-) She was so very excited to join a group JUST for Girls. :-) She Insisted to wear her full uniform yesterday (minus the shirt, as its just way to big)... We had no problem letting her. She did not wear her Vest or anything to school. Those things were stashed in her GS Backpack. So, she looked Adorable in her brown skort, knee socks and white shirt.
The other little girl who also wore her full uniform for the 1st day went home VERY sick from school :( (I hope she feels better soon!)... Olivia did not feel out of place thankfully, although she was the only one in uniform bottoms.
Below ---> Olivia before school.

She HAD to have the Girl Scout Scrunchy! haha.
She did wear it all day.

This is picture is from after school, getting ready to walk with the troop to the meeting room.

1st meeting, Her leader is AMAZING and really has her 'stuff' together. I am soooooo happy she is Olivia's Leader this year. (The co-leader is awesome too!!!)
I am looking forward to an awesome year for Olivia!!!
I also registered as a Adult Member, so i hope to be involved in events and so on.

Learning the Friendship hug/handshake thingy.

S'mores for a "snack". :) Thanks Paula for an awesome meeting.
I will not be at every meeting, but ... i wanted to sit in, for the 1st meeting.
She is going to have a Great Fun Year!