Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on Us (no pictures)

Here is a little bit of an update on what we have been up to around here.
The blog has been Quiet in all honesty. Most of what i have been posting has been about the kids/school and so on. We have not been "siteseeing" or "exporing" in a while. It seams like life has just caught up with us. I do want to get out and into Japan more and find things to see... but we have just been busy! On another note, we have been staying off the Public Transit (Trains) mostly because i have been a little overprotective. I just dont want to get sick!! I feel like being in close contact with strangers in a big city... thats just asking for it. So, we have been driving a lot. I do plan on taking a trip to Yokohama via train soon and maybe a side trip to Kamakura for some Fall pictures, but ... i want to pick up some mask's 1st.
(I know, me again, being paranoid!)

So, today is Thursday ... but on Monday we (the kids) went up to Ikego School and got in line for the Flu Shot. Both kids got the standard ole' shot... no nose-mist stuff for us. We have to go back on the 19th for the "booster".
That day was also Olivia's 1st girl scout meeting. :) Fun fun!

This past weekend we went and visited Blue Street in Yokosuka for a little Fair-Type-Fun. I will be blogging that soon. We enjoyed kids games and FOOD, the Japanese food vendors are just beyond amazing!

We have been eating out and trying new foods, but i have been bad with keeping the camera with me, so... look for more food posts, once i get better at it! haha

Ethan has just started a new position at work (yay for him) ... It's longer hours and he seams to get home later (booo for us!). He is enjoying putting some skills to work, but it's hard to get used to him being @ work all the time again.
This weekend he is going out of town for Boy Scouts... I cant complain, because he really does try to limit his Volunteer time to once a week and one weekend a month.

Evan is loving his new school, and i am loving it too! :) The decision to place him in Pre-K type of school has been amazing, and i cant say enough about it. He is just blossoming and learning and enjoying new friends and teachers. On a sad note, his Teacher will be leaving soon, as PCS season is here. :(:(... I am happy though that he wont loose his Teacher Aid, as i like her a lot!!!
I will be sad when he leaves this place next year... but i know he will have a blast here in IKEGO Kinder.
Evan's upcomming events are Halloween Parade and Celebration and the Fall Festival. :)

Olivia is also coming right along in pretty much every way!
She is enjoying school and is soaking everything right on up! 2nd grade is just so fun, and brings back a lot of memories for Ethan and I. Some of the Topic's she brings home to talk about even get Ethan and I into Heated disscussions. haha.
As far as 'school' goes. She is doing well in Every area, but ... Math is her strong suit. This is no shocker, because Ethan was always good at math...
She now takes Extra Math @ School for the Girfted Program & just this week we were sent home yet another Math focused "group" permission! So, she is just getting in all the math she can handle! haha.
As you know, She has just started Girl Scouts... and we have some upcoming events with this too! (And were excited) She will pair up with a girl/family from a Japanese Troop and go Trick or Treating! :):) and sometime in November we are going on our 1st girl scout field trip! We're going Mikan picking (Japanese tiny winter clementines). We will take the train, and ... for both events, she will earn a patch for her vest. :)

Other than all that and the fact I am driving everywhere ... things are good. haha.
I will know more about Swimming for the kids after this weekend. Ethan and i have talked about it, and i think we are going to try and get the kids into swim lessonns. It should be something fun to add to the list of stuff we are already up to.

In BABY News--->
I am about 23~24 weeks now, and in full pregnancy swing. haha
So far, on most days i feel great.
I don't have much to complain about. Well, ... except the fact that i am 5 foot 9 and a "real" woman and ... so i have ZERO Chance to buy anything Clothing related in the Japanese world...haha.... so i have to rely on the America store on base and / or online ordering.
The American store does not carry but 2 racks of Maternity clothing! WTF! And i seam to have bad luck with online ordering. So, i have to be thankful for the big bag of maternity clothing a friend gave me, and ... the odds and ends i find at the American store on base.
I have to "make things work" most of the time.
I have got some nice comments though, about how i don't look so pregnant really... or just comments i consider to be flattering. So, i guess all is good. I do have a belly... but... it's not that big just yet, i guess. haha.
We have our Doc apt next week and i am again dreading it. (I hate worrying about how much weight i have put on... as of 20 weeks it was 2 pounds).
I am thinking soon enough i will be going in for the sugar drink test and my RoGham Shot. Things are just trucking right along.

I hope all is well with you (Family&Friends!)...
We are just looking forward to this fall/winter holiday season. :)
End Update ~ hahaha