Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Carnival Yokosuka Year 2!

Last night we went to Yokosuka Bases Kids Halloween Festival. It's just perfect for my kids ages. 3 $ for kids, Adults free and they get Candy and Prizes perfect for little ones. An added bonus is they get to wear thier costumes more than one time.
Check out the FEW pictures i got from last years festival by clicking this link----> Last Years Halloween Festival <----- I cant believe how much the kids have grown, especially Olivia, in one years time! Now check out the few i got this this year. :) --->

There was a kiddie Haunted house and a bunch of games/activities.

We saw a lot of our friends @ the Festival, this is Olivia M., Olivia's friend.

Evan saw some of his friends too, this is Garreth and his Brother Gavin is a good friend of Evan's.

Evan did really good on these "throw the ball games"... and made it in the hole a few times. (Even when Olivia could not!)

Aw... Evan was an ANGEL!!!! He was so well behaved, i thought... where is my Evan. haha
He is just growing up so much, and i was proud of him in a big way last night.

Yesterday was SO rainy and Wet! Windy too. Not a fun night to be out in the weather.
But, we had fun anyways.