Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 2...

Has been good. I am Enjoying this new way of eating/thinking!!!
I had a few lady's over today and resisted the muffin's i made.
Then, tonight... i Actually DRUM ROLL........ BROWN BAGGED IT!
Ate my Yogurt and Apple on the go. WOW.
This one is big for me, as i usually swing through the drive thru for a meal while i am out and about.

Tonight, after our Girl Scout Cookie Booth (<~~~ yes.... i was good and did not eat one,) we went to Chili's.
I was also good at Chili's!!!!
A Grilled Fish and Salad no cheese/croutons and lite dressing (put on very lite) and Broccoli. Unsweet Tea!
I REALLLY wanted everything else... everything with Bread. But, i feel very satisfied with what i ate. :)
So, Day 2 was a food success.
Still having problem's fitting in the working out.
And the water.... but i am going to push it tonight, before bed.
Ok... Day 3.... Right around the corner! :)