Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 5 ...

... and still going strong.
Yesterday (4) was good. No mix up's and i drank the water/green tea.
I did not eat much i think... in Calories, but i was not hungry.
Did push the protein though. :)
Today i woke up NOT feeling the Lemon Water. I am STILL choking it down, 1 hour later.

~ok, just chugged it~

Now... i can have my Coffee and some breakfast. Oh yes!

Yesterday i did not get in my workout, but i did work around the house.
Today? I plan to walk around the neighborhood for a bit.

I will say,... now at day 5 i am feeling Really good. My clothing was already big to begin with (a side effect of not loving tight clothing) and so ... this morning my pants were falling down with every step. lol
Water weight is water weight.... it's STILL weight! :) I am loving this UN bloated feeling! :)