Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 6!

So YAY day 6 has come and gone.
Day 6 has been THE EASIEST so far. Way Easy!!!!
Yesterday i had Very Little hunger pains. I actually don't want to eat much at all.
It's kinda cool.
I am pushing the healthy foods though.

Today i did not exercise, but i was on the "go" all day...
I have burned those cal's via cleaning and walking for sure.

Yesterday was big for me. I packed a lunch!!!
EVERYtime i go to "base" i always run through somewhere for a quick bit of food. Not yesterday!
There was no way i could eat at Taco bell or McDonald's (IMO) on phase one. So, i packed a lunch for while i was out and running errands.
Honestly? I was GOOD!!! And... i had happy to eat it.
I did not want to eat the greasy food anyways. So, i sat in my car between stores and munched on the fresh selection i brought. BREAK THROUGH!!! I can do this, and it's going to be easy!!

Ok, enough of that.
..........Day 6's dinner of rotisserie chicken and salad w/ roasted cauliflower & brussel sprouts was sooooo good! :)