Thursday, January 20, 2011

End of Day 1....

... has been a success!!!
Well a food success. I stuck to the "diet" and it was not a problem at all! Actually, i felt full... most all day.
For this eating plan, i get 2 servings of fruit and i had to skip one of them, because i could not eat anymore. Also, the drinking of liquid is soooo much. So, that helps.

Tonight i need to finish up the water intake, about 15oz and another cup of Green tea. WOW

One thing i Failed at is the workout. I honestly forgot about the workout. I planned it out, but ... the time slipped away and next thing i knew it was Dinner time/Bed time.
So, ... tomorrow i will need to workout during Ava's nap, period.

So ........ i think i might need stock in Gas X... hahahaha. With all these veggies and eggs, WOW... um Wow. LOL