Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm shouting it from the Roof-tops....

Yes, after ... maybe 3~4 years i am going to DIET.
Diet sounds like such a Negative word, but what else do i say? "Life change?"
I don't care what you call it... i am stepping into something new.
Honestly, i don't have a problem with my body.
It's what i was given.
I have been "big" my entire Adult life.

This diet is all about getting healthy and taking off extra weight my body has to carry around. I am tired of carrying around extra. I'm sure my insides are tired of working hard at it too.
I love the curves of my body.... i am not trying to be a -stick thin wafer-. I am just trying to be a better ME ~~~> For my ME, My Hubby and my KIDS.
PERIOD... end of story.

So, i am going to use our family blog to Vent my journey... write about the good and bad and hard times.
It's not going to be easy.
So, i am going to start with the big weigh in tomorrow. I wont share my #, but i will share my LOSS and or Gain.
I will be honest, because this is for me.... and I'm not going to lie to myself. LOL

I think i might Measure myself too. Ive done the measuring thing before, with my friend Kitty. That was the last time i tried to loose weight, with her.
It was fun, i had a partner.
So, If you want to be included in this journey via e-mail... let me know.

Whats the Plan?
The book "17 Day Diet".
It's not a 17 day diet, where i will loose all the weight i want in 17 whole days, lol.
It's a 17 day Diet Cycle that's broken up into 4 Phases.... and i can do phases 1~3 in order until i loose the weight i need. So, i may need to repeat these phases Over and Over until i get the result's i need/want. Who knows!
Phase #4 is the Maintain Phase and this is where i will live & eat normal.
The 1st 3 Phases will Eliminate PROCESSED Foods and Add LOTS of Fluid's to my body and TEACH me to eat for LIFE....
It's all about Healthy /Good/ NATURAL Foods.

I have been thinking about switching to Whole foods and trying to buy healthy for some time now. So this should not be SUCH a shock.... but it will be hard.

So, Encourage me, if you like.
Listen, or don't....
I'll be here .... writing it alllllllllllllllllll down.