Monday, January 24, 2011

End of the 5th day....

And it's the end of the 5th day.

I will admit, today was hard.
I reallly wanted to have some SWEETS!!

Breakfast of egg omelet was boring... Lunch of soup was not so bad.

But, i have run out of my favorite Greek yogurt and the berries, so.... i need to go out tomorrow for some more.

And Apple for a snack on a cold day... it's sucking.

Tonight i made Crock pot turkey and it was dry.

I served it with a tiny bit of Cream of mushroom soup i added water to... and made into a gravy of sorts. It was low in everything i am watching (sugar) and ... i only used a SMALL amount.
If not, i would not have been able to choke it down. :(

So, today was a success in other areas!!!! I walked 2 times today!!! Once to get Olivia and Evan from school & take them to the girl scout meeting. Then, after the meeting we walked all the way home. That was At Least Two 20 minute "workouts".

Tonight, i am going to focus on pushing the water and green tea.

And, if i get hungry, i will eat the "soup" i made from the book. It's a chicken and veggie soup. It's Really good and keeps me Full.