Wednesday, November 12, 2008

crazy day

As i am sitting here in my COLD new house, drinking a hot chocolate and have the dryer running for no other reason other than to heat this place... i will tell you a quick little bit about the past few hours.

We woke up at 6 am. finished packing, and took a taxi from the navy lodge with one suitcase and one backpack... 2 kids and one tired mommy... we left the lodge at 730 and got on the 800 am rain to ikego. we arrived at ikego... about 830.
we walked to our place... 850.
the inspector arrived at 9 am on the dot.
and the express arrived at 915 on the dot.
i started unpacking the boxes... and getting the house set up....
then... about 130ish the cable/Internet guy came and after that, things got crazy.

We decided we needed those heaters, they were about to put them back [i had them on hold, because they were selling out]...
so we walked again to the train station, ... 20 minutes with little feet moving slowly... took the train [that has 2 connections...] to the closest station to the base [shiori]. we walked from the station to the daiei [sp].... and walked in through the pedestrian gate... and got on the base bus to the NEX.
we bought those heaters... went into the commissary and bought a few essentials... and walked to the base bus stop again, and got on... got back off at the cpo club/ pedestrian gate... and walked back to shiori station... did the while train thing again... walked into ikego and stopped into the mini mart for milk and eggs... and a pizza ready-made.
we walked back home... and that's about it...... but.......
keep in mind....
the train was PACKED because of rush hour... and it was cold as shit and slightly drizzling on and off... and .... it takes time to walk to these places with little ones.
plus... we have stairs and more stairs to and from the base/station... and we have to wait on the base bus to come around, if we miss it.... also... we have to wait on trains.
oh, and we had 3 good sized heaters to carry...
and the food stuff we bought...
oh, the hill and stairs that get to our housing area from the ikego train station?.... long and steeeeeeep.
we were gone all day, after 130
because we had to run quick to get heaters. but... now that the kids are warm... no regrets!!!!!

Oh, and i am sooooooooooooooo glad we already started looking at cars... and have our eye on one... lol 'cause... cant do this much longer 4 sure!

after we got home after all that... evan crashed, and olivia, daddy and mommy are all still up.
we are all heading to bed here in a second.
i just wanted to give you a peek into our day today hahahahaha.


Kitty said...

Phew...I'm tires just readingg about it. Glad your "home" and all is well.

Rachele said...

Hang in there darling, it will be okay, I promise.