Thursday, November 6, 2008

We Have a House!!!

Yup, you read that correctly!!!
Yesterday afternoon, when Ethan got off from work he headed directly over to the housing office and signed the papers saying we would take the unit offered. We had been offered a tower 1st [3 weeks ago] of course and denied that unit. Then we were offered an Excess unit[1 week ago]. We were unsure and confused on why they offered us this unit... we were not properly informed... so we denied that unit too... [btw that unit was in a horrible position... with no yard and no parking near by].

We thought about things over the weekend... and i right away regretted not taking that unit. So, i told Ethan. He of course was OK with NOT having that unit...grrrrrrr He was OK to wait it out...
Yesterday he called and said to give them a call... We all are soooooooo done with this lodge things........ and so i did.
I called told her we would take the last unit offered if it was still available.
She said it was not available, someone took it. :(
BUT she said she had another excess unit.

I said "we will take it... no questions... i don't need to look ... YES".
She had a smile, and was happy to have Ethan sign the papers... :)
Ethan and i both agreed last week that ALL the units that were empty were 'better' than the one they offered us last week. So we got one of the other empty units... and ... i am happy.

That's the update from here as best as i could type it without coffee in the system at 7 am in the morning. haha

We are Moving to Ikego, and i could not be happier! We will know the date and such today at 830 am.


Kitty said...

Good news for sure!!!