Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rainy Day Out

Olivia and Evan at the Jimmuji Train Station, waiting to go.

We headed out to Blue Street [4th floor] 100 yen shop, for house items.
After we did that, we headed towards Navy Curry, it is just off of Blue Street on the 2nd floor.
I do not have any photos. I did not feel good whipping out the big ole' camera in that place [it was nicer than the other places we have gone to with the kids].
I really need a SMALLER more compact thin camera... Hint Hint Ethan... haha.

Anyways, we went to Linner [lunch/dinner] and afterwards went to have ice cream/crepes.
The kids both chose Chocolate and Ethan choose a Peach Crepe and I had a Strawberry one.
Ethan did go back for #2... haha... and he had a Strawberry Cheesecake w/ ice cream one for his second, and WOW... that one was Gooooooood!

After Ice cream we headed back with our 100 yen goodies.

I have to say, i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the train system here in Yokosuka. It is just sooooooo nice to hop on the train and go.
Sunday was raining a bit, and if we would have drove.... we would have needed to use Gas and Time [in traffic] then find a parking spot for the car and Pay for that spot. Then, we would have needed umbrella's for all of us, because of the rain. Then we would have had to walk to the places needed to go.
With the Train all we had to do was drive to the mini mart here at Ikego [drove b/c of the Rain] walk across the street to the station... get on & ride... get off walk just a few steps to 100 yen shop. After shopping walk under covered awnings to Navy Curry. After that head back towards the station, and eat at Marion Crepe's. Get on the Train, and ride home... and Hop in the car and drive the few blocks home....

No Gas
No Parking Fee's
No Umbrella
No time in Traffic

A GREAT TIME on a Rainy Sunday.

Navy Curry ... It was Delicious! Evan ate his ENTIRE PLATE, ALL HIS ICECREAM AND CONE AND PART OF ETHANS 2ND CREPE!! He has got to be growing!!!

Japan, ALWAYS Smiling faces. VERY Great Service!
Olivia and Evan riding in the VERY Front of the train, ... What a View!