Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Weekly Update...

This is for pretty much everyone, as i have not been good with calling on the Vonage phone.
This week has been just another week living in a Hotel.
We had one good prospect for a house, and it did not work out. [Although I[not Ej] am regretting not pursuing the option.]
We are starting to settle in, ... isn't that bad? We have decided to buy paper everything including plates, cups, forks and cups. We also went to the commissary and 'stocked up'. I am hoping doing all this jinks us into a house. haha
We have just decided to Live On Base [in case anyone was still thinking we were going to live off base]. We are holding out for a town house in Ikego at this point.
We will eventually take a tower home in Ikego if the town home thing does not work out. Actually the tower houses have more sq ft than the town homes. There are good and bad to both scenarios.
We have about 2 more weeks before i will officially be over the top and ready to bail out on this hotel living crap.

On other news, Olivia has been going to school here for about 3 weeks. She seams to like it... i on the other hand have other thoughts. I am not happy with her teacher. I said i would give it time, but she has proven to aggravate me every single day. [i know... maybe it's me... i have thought about that... this is why she is still getting 'more chances..' lol]

Ethan has started to get settled in his job. When we moved here we knew he would have a job... we just did not know what it was going to be. It took them about a month to figure it out too. haha Seriously though, Ethan is filling a whole new job and so this has been very laid back and very slow. For about 24~48 hours we thought we might be moving to Atsugi... but that is not whats going to happen after all. He now has a desk and a 'job'. He says its very very laid back. There have been days where they ask him 'why did you come to work again??'....... haha.
All in all, it may take a while for Ethan to get used to chill'n out... with NO DUTY... and a very lite work schedule. [duty is once about every 6 months]

Evan has been going to CDC every week. The 1st week we were here he went for 5 days from about 7-4. The following weeks he has been going for 3 days a week for about 5 hours a day. He is starting to really love it... and mommy does too.

We don't have much planned this week. One major thing on our list is a Car. We need to actively seek a vehicle. I guess this is what i will be doing on the days Evan is in 'school'.