Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Little Update

It's Sunday morning here in Ikego. :) Our 1st Sunday in this new house.
BTW, I do love this house. There is a lot of space to move around, and honestly i don't even know i am connected to anyone until i hear one of my neighbors playing what i think to be 'Rock Band' Drums. LOL
It's not bad... really.
Yesterday I went to the food store and bought all kind of must haves for this place. We needed everything from cleaners to bath soap to a mop and oh yea, Food. I had to sell my left arm to pay for the bill [haha] but we have everything we need, for now.
If i could find my camera i would have pictures for you... but it's still lost in the sauce.

Today we will be heading out to the Ikego Mini-mart for some house hold things like Shower curtains and hangers. For some reason Yokosuka has these items spread out all over at different stores and the 'real' NEX does not seam to have these items.
After we do the Mini-mart, if the kids are good we will try out a local grocery store for some other goods.
It's a Rainy Dreary day, but i would also love to take the train to Moore's City and go to the 100 Y shop there for some other essentials.
I guess we will see how the kids are after one errand.

Tomorrow Olivia starts school [again, lol]. She will also go on her 1st off base field trip. They are going Mikan Picking and to Flower World for a picnic lunch. What a great 1st day. I am sure she will have tons of fun.

Evan has also started pre-school[again]. He is going every Mon-Wends-Fri. He is enjoying himself, and so am I! :)

I will be calling inbound personal property for a updated time frame on Monday, I am ready for our things... loaner crap sucks!!!


Kitty said...

I'm so glad that you are finally able to settle. Exciting times and Holidays just around the corner.