Sunday, November 16, 2008

We bought the Van

We bought that Navy Blue Van we saw when we were living in the Lodge.
We needed a car, and quick.
It was a great price and had 2 yrs of jci and inspection. Also it just did the base inspection and so, it just seamed right.
I honestly [gasp] don't like driving a Van. I thought it would wear on me, and it still might... but as of right now, i am not fond of driving around a Van.
I think in the next 1 yr we might [might.... as Ethan is not find of the idea] buy another car [cube style]. I really wanted a cube style when we got here, and i just bit the bullet and bought that family car because i thought of the 'future'... well... i am not sure about the 'future' [baby] right now, and i really would rather have that boxy style car [small] than this big ole' van.
Ok, i got it off my chest... lol

Anyways, it's perfect for what we need right now.
It's big and spacious... for the kids and us.
We can buy small furniture items and load it on in... with no problems.
It's not a home/work car... so it wont eat gas.
And... it's nice to have the option to drive, instead of walk everywhere.

Even though we have a van now, we still drove it from our house [because it was raining] and parked it at the mini-mart and walked across the street to the train station for a bit of traveling, errand running and dinner out. We still love the train system and its still so easy and quick.
We rode the train in the rain, and did all kinds of things with out having to park, spend the time and gas with traffic. It was quicker and dryer [as it was raining] to take the train.

I love having wheels, but i love living in a city that has such awesome mass transit. This is one thing i will miss when we move.


cricketspaw said...

Hi neighbor!! Welcome to Ikego! you will have to call me or stop over anytime. there is a new little 100 yen shop in zushi and i could show you my favorite grocery store there also. Do you like Starbucks?? email me sometime :)