Thursday, November 6, 2008

We have a date and such...

We have a date! We will be moving on the 12th and i could not be happier.
Ethan already set up services for Telephone and TV and Internet... and it will all be started on the 12th as well.
So, over the next 3 days we will be 'enjoying' the last few days in the lodge, and packing to move!

We went over to Ikego today and checked out our new house.
There was a new washer and dryer delivered today! yea!!
The fridge is nice, and white... small though.
The dishwasher is older... but i have seen 5 units and they all have the same exact dishwasher. So i cant complain.
Lets see, what else... oh, we sent back the microwave. We have our own, and it's pretty new.
Oh, the oven. It's old, and i soooooooooooo dont want a old oven. They said they are all out of the new ovens right now, and we would be on a 'list' for a new one.
I told him ours was Stone Age Old... and i would take a 'newer old oven'... lmao... so, he said ok.
I guess i 'should' be getting a newer old oven. haha.

They still have to re-clean the unit -as it has been empty for a while-.
Oh, and we will get a new accordion door for in front of the washer and dryer.
I will take pictures of the unit and such [for you Kitty... :)] when we get the keys Monday.


Molly said...

So glad for you, take pictures for me too.

hannfamily said...

I want pictures too!!!!!!!!