Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night [March]

(I know... im late w/ this Date Night Edition)...

In March (After our Full Day in Tokyo w/ ITT) we dropped the kids off @ the sitter for Date Night.

We met up with our friends Tim & Kath and headed to Bunko to KouBou Chicken!

YES I said Koubou Chicken, or Chicken Factory. KouBou Chicken is our Fav Yakitori hut!

Enjoy the Photos! Short/Sweet... Just wanted to share!

Chicken Balls or Processed chicken, shaped into balls

Bacon wrapped Asparagus

In the background, Takoyaki Yakitori or Octopus balls on a stick.

Wasabi Chicken MMMmmmm!

Chicken Skin... a little goes a long way!