Sunday, March 15, 2009

TOKYO!! & Yokohama too!

Yesterday afternoon I left the family and headed out for an adventure.
Well, i did not really wanna leave the family, but i was going with a friend to a 'job' and well... the solo-adventure was nice!
We left about 1 pm from the Jimmuji Station here in Zushi. We took the train to Kanazawa-Bunko Station. From there we switched trains for an Express Train to Yokohama. From Bunko its a 16 minute ride to Yokohama Station with one stop (when riding an Express, green train).

Once we arrived in Yokohama we switched lines to the Tokyu Line. (This is in the same area as the MM Line that takes you to Chinatown).

We got on heading twards Shibuya--->

Once on the Tokyo Line it's about 25 minutes and Several Stops until you reach Shibuya Station. We got off at the Shibuya Station.
Exiting Shibuya Station... Busy Busy!

Yes, they have Starbucks here too!

We walked a few blocks from the station for my friends 'job'.
This is an underground walkway...

Still in the Underground walkway

I have never seen this in Japan! A 1st for me!

We went up this building on the 10th floor for this job.

I hung with her until the job was over and then we were off again.

We did not spend much time in Tokyo honestly... but we did walk around a bit... and enjoy ourselves.
When it was time to head back to Yokohama we decided to Not walk (the few blocks) to the Tokyu Line ... we decided to get on a Different line, a JR Line.
We got on a JR Train headed towards Zushi, if you can believe it... where i live... all the way up in Tokyo! :) We did not take that local train to Zushi all the way home, we got off @ the Yokohama station stop.

Our ride back to Yokohama,... Beautiful!

I could spend a few hours looking at and taking photo's of the beautiful murals in Yokohama Station!

Welcome back to Yokohama @ Rush Hour! haha

My Friend had a Surprise in store for us! (Little did she know i am a bit afraid of heights!)
She had spoke with a friend about an American/Mexican Restaurant in Yokohama. It was located in the SKY Building, which is pretty much connected to the Yokohama station ... well not connected, but VERY close.

Once we arrived, we approached the elevators... and yup........ we were going to the top of this tall building! SKY is 29 floors, and we were headed to floor # 28! OMG! (The hot sweats start!) We got on the elevator in the basement... and rode it until the 15th floor... where i needed to get off for AIR... well... there was no AIR to be found! LOL That was one hot floor!
So we quickly got on that elevator!
28th floor, here we come!

Once on the 28th floor.... i was fine, and it was Solid! LOL.

We took in the views from the window directly outside the elevator... and then off to dinner!

El Torito it is!

It was about 515pm by now, and we were hungry and ready for a good meal.
To our surprise... it was a slice of America, right in here in Japan.

The service/food/quality/view and speed of the service... was perfect! We also got to sit by the window... without a reservation... and the view was AMAZING!

(from left to right... out of the 3 windows by our table. there were many more window...but these were in our 'section'. )

And while we were eating... it got a bit dark. The views are a bit more amazing at night.

Our meals were 1450Y (or $14.50) each and that included a drink of choice. I chose tea, and Tammy chose a Adult Drink... and yes, it was included! It was a mini size, but STILL! :) totally amazing!

After a wonderful meal with a good friend, we were off!
As we were waiting for the elevator... i looked once again out the window, it was now dark... and i could not believe my eyes.......... MT FUJI!

(can you see Fuji-san in the distance?)

YES! :) It was RIGHT there! We could not see it earlier... the light/haze must have been in the way.... but we could see it now.....And the photo shows no justice... AND it was Closer than it appears... LOL!
It was the perfect ending to a great night!

We took the Express train, once again back to Bunko. BUT, this time? We were 'almost squished!'.................... I was hoping they were going to have to use those hired pushers... but nope! :( Anyways, for about 8 minutes were were packed in like sardines! After the only stop... we could breathe again, and ... 8 minutes later we got off.

At the train station, I picked up Ethan and the kids a Bento Dinner and some Yakitori Sticks & Soup... and we hoped the next train for Shinzushi ....home!
I think i got back about 730pm... and it was a VERY nice day out exploring my 'back-yard'.

FYI: Yokohama is about 25 minutes from our Train Station here in Zushi... (if you take the correct Express Train). Then... 25 minutes on the Tokyu (or other) line... and you are more than IN TOKYO!
So, now that i have done it... i can say we live about 50~60 minutes to 'Tokyo'.
WOW! Amazing!
I hope you enjoyed all the photos! I hope to share many more photos of Tokyo in the future!


Slime said...

What a great day! I'm so glad you went to Tokyo, I love it and go as often as possible!! We're almost the exact same distance, on the right trains, we're 55 min from Shibuya.

Navy Chief Family said...

OMG Alisa! You are braver than me! I did have to ride the train last time I was up there for medvac and it was during rush hour. Talk about terrified. I was sick and hungry and and tired with a 6 yr old. I so want to move there now for next station. Hubby is telling me it would have to be sea duty as he wants to retire on shore duty and we only have 5 more years til retirement. OMG where did the time go. lol

Where's the Fork said...

Okay, I need to meet you and get my girls in the CDC so I can get you to take me exploring. Your day sounds so much fun...I'm slightly jealous but I've only been here 6 weeks and no husband in sight so I'll cut myself some slack that I haven't experienced the good stuff yet ;-).