Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Tsubasa ---> Shinkansen

Today while leaving Ikego Base, we were taken off guard when we saw a 'Bullet Train' parked right on the border gate.
It was parked on a set of tracks that are not in use anymore, but are used to storage trains while they are not in service. Usually the trains (all types) sit on the tracks for a few days.
But, the Bullet Train was here this morning, and gone this afternoon!
I am glad i got a few snap shots. :)
Evan was VERY Excited to see a Bullet Train. :)

---> as we are driving t'wards the gate, leaving the base.

See links below for an explanation for Tsubasa and about the Mini-Shinkansen line it runs on.

After leaving the base...

The type of Bullet train---->

The line that is runs on --->