Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cherry Blossom Hunting in Kamakura Part 2

Last Saturday the kids and i went to Kamakura to Hachiman Shrine for the day. We were mostly going to view new/baby Cherry Blossoms... but only saw a few. We still had fun, and Olivia really enjoyed herself. Evan on the other hand was a whole story ... but we wont go there! ;)
The photo's will show, we had an enjoyable time... looking/walking and ... as always Eating!
Please Enjoy!

2nd Torii Gate

Cherry Blossom Baby's

Olivia, taking a load off ... on the "Walk of Cherry Trees".

I spy a Cherry Blossom Tree Already Blooming.
It was pretty much the only on that had more than "A" flower on it.
There were many people and Camera's and even a TV Camera Swarming the area.
So, we did not go and get a 'close-up'.

We saw 2 Shinto Weddings while at Kamakura that day.
This one was over, and they were leaving the shrine.

A Nice View of Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura Japan!

Getting ready for Wedding #2

Wedding #2

Front Row "Seats!".
I was not (by any means) the only person Viewing the Wedding.
It's almost "open" to the public.
There were at least 100 other's viewing as well.
The kids and I were lucky to get this view.
Cameras were going off EVERYWHERE!

For whatever reason,... Squirrels are Rare in this area.
They are also "Good luck" a Japanese Older Woman told me.
This squirrel was ALL over the kids!
Everyone was snapping "phone" photos... ;)

The kids and i walked ALL over the grounds...
Looking around, and just exploring/having fun!
Although, i did learn the correct way to "pray" and visit the Shrine during my New Years Visit to Hachiman w/ the Japanese American Society (i also remembered a bit from visiting a few in Sasebo)...
I did not take the children inside.
We took a sit down in a nice shaded area (where others were sitting too) and ...
Had a 'lesson' on how the Japanese Pray and how we don't pray like them.
BUT, that it IS ok for them, and how we don't judge.
Olivia was very interested and asked a lot of Questions.

We took a little walk up to visit another area of the shrine.

I just adore this photo...
(If you visit the blog, those of you who get this via e-mail.... you'll see a version of this photo is my New Blog Header!)

This tree is over 1,000 yrs old!

These Sake Barrels are Gifts from Big Company's to the Shrine/Gods.
They cost in the Hundreds of Yens!
(the kids were chasing bubbles, btw.)

On our way out of the Shrine, we stopped at a few Vendors.
This vendor had the most delish Candied Strawberries on a Ritz Cracker covered in Sprinkles!
Odd, but GOOD!

As Always (with my kids....)
Yakitori Sticks!
They LOVE them!
Evan Olivia, who had decided she is NOT a vegan anymore! LOL

As we walk out, another view of the 1 tree... So Pretty!

We tried to walk through the shopping street of Kamakura. It was PACKED and WOW!
So, we stopped off and had a few Ice Cream cones.
for 300Y pp, i think ...we each got a cone. O got Vanilla and E & I got Coffee! mmmmm

This is the ONE shot i got... WOW! Me & 2 kids? NOT FUN!
So, we book'd it to the station and headed home!

Oh, and now that Olivia is 7 we buy her ticket.
She pays 1/2 price... and she just loves having her own ticket.
I need to head over to the Train Station and get her a Suica Card.
I always forget to bring her Passport! If/when i do...
They will print her name on the Sucia Card, and she will always pay 1/2 price Automatically!
So... maybe i should do that soon!

This photo is to show...
Olivia is saying "we are home"!!!!!
So, i guess this means we have 'moved in'!
We are at the Shin-Zushi Station in this photo.
That "Were home" while standing in ShinZushi made my day!
I hope yo enjoyed the photos! ;)