Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Two Sundays ago on a lazy morning i remembered something...
The last time i went to the 100Yen store i saw these CUTE Masks for the kids to color & blow up. I thought, how interesting and fun, especially for 1 us dollar!
I dug through the desk... and found them.
Let me tell you, the kids had a blast decorating up their own masks,... then wearing them and playing 'Animal' (A fav game around here).
I underestimated Evan... he had SUCH a good time, and i was impressed with his coloring!
He NEVER colors... and i did not even know he knew HOW to color in the lines! :)

**We found these masks in Zushi Ginza. There is a 100Y shop at the end of the ginza on the right hand side. It's above the "Drug Store"... and, its a pretty good size, for Zushi. **


SabrinaT said...

lol, I just posted the same pictures on my blog.. Noah and 2 of his friends did that for his birthday sleep over... They are so cool...

Alisa said...

You know, i saw them on your blog... and it reminded me... we did that a few days ago. :)
I think they are really neat... fun for all ages! :)
Your son/friends looked like they had fun with it too!

Dollars to Yen said...

Those are cute! I'm going to look for them!